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Constant Evolution Technologies provides simple solutions for today’s complex technology.

Commercial Security Camera Outdoor Installation

Security Systems

If you are looking for quality Security camera systems installation we are here to assist you. We offer state of the art security camera systems and professional installation. Our CCTV systems and installation are affordable. In addition to installation services, we also provide security camera systems repair and security camera systems upgrade service.

Commercial Security Camera Project Job Site

Video Surveillance

Constant Evolution Technologies installs state of the art video surveillance systems for your office grounds and environment. From a simple four camera system to an IP based surveillance network, Constant Evolution Technologies confidentially and securely installs and maintains your custom video surveillance solution.

Commercial Security Installation


We understands today’s business technology needs. We support all your office technology requirements. From computer networks to telephony technologies we deliver comprehensive support and solutions for any size business. Our goal is to help make your life and business be more convenient, safe and secure.

We provide Commercial Security Hospitality

Commercial Properties

Experience matters. We understand what it takes to completely satisfy each and every customer and provide quality surveillance in all environments.

Constant Evolution Technologies’ goal is to help make your life more convenient, safe, and fun. Today’s consumers have a variety of home technologies available. From security products to commercial entertainment, we provide technology that meets your your business needs.

We separate ourselves from other security companies by bringing over 20 years of commercial security work into the commercial industry.

For professional work, call the professionals at (209) 323-2640.

Commercial Security Professional

Constant Evolution Technologies provides commercial security and surveillance to you and your business with modern and professional technology support services. We are here to assist your entire family or your business staff with support for the ever changing technological world.

Constant Evolution Technologies understands today’s business technology needs. We support all your office technology requirements. From computer networks to video surveillance systems, Constant Evolution Technologies delivers comprehensive support. For inquires please contact us at 209.323.2640

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Why us?

We got the tools

We have the sharpest tools in the shed along with a great cast of employees to provide the best contracting work around.

Certified Experience

We are State Certified Contractors in California. We pride ourselves on safety and production in our work. 

Competitive Pricing

We provide excellent competitive rates . Our services provide great, quality work for a reasonable price.


We stand behind all work done by or team. We do it right the first time every time, it’s important to us.

20 Years Experience

We have 20 years of experience in the security contracting industry, we are very knowledgeable and share our sights with you.

Great Support

Call us any time if you have any questions, requests, or clarity to make your installation as smooth as possible.

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